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Ekstasis is excited to offer several different modules for outreach activities. Below you will find some ideas that can be grouped together to make a forty-five-minute presentation. We are looking forward to discussing with you how to create the best module for your activities.



  • Narrated performance which includes a wide variety of styles and forms

  • Performances with school ensembles, such as a concerto or arranged piece.

  • Coachings of student chamber and large ensembles

  • Interactive experience: involve young players through playing or clapping musical lines, such as a rhythmic ostinato pattern. Repertoire can be discussed in advance to include music the students are familiar with.

  • Workshop a masterpiece: break down a Beethoven sonata movement for examples, into the different sections, themes, patterns, and motives to give students a basic understanding of musical terminology.

  • "Which do you prefer?" A game for students where the same phrase is played in different ways and the audience votes on which they prefer and why.

  • "What’s the style?" A stylistic juxtaposition of works from different periods: Baroque vs. Romantic, Jazz vs. Classical.

  • Cool sounds! Demonstration and discussion of extended techniques in modern literature 

  • "You know what I mean?" A game designed to teach students the inflections of a musical line. By making up words to musical phrases we learn about inflections, agogic accents, and focal phrasing points. Based on the “No words necessary” program.

All activities can be presented alongside pieces from our repertoire. We are always open to discussing the specific interests of your program and audience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.































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